Dugong Calf Rescue

I received a call from a friend early on Sunday morning informing me of a stranded dugong calf at Pallarenda. I called 1300 ANIMAL to ensure that it had been reported (it had), grabbed some additional towels (in case they were needed) and headed to Pallarenda along with another friend Alana O’Brien (also an environmental professional) to assist Queensland Parks and Wildlife with the rescue efforts. It was such a privilege to be part of the rescue of such an iconic animal, and to be able to document the rescue so that the experience could be shared with others.

The calf was returned to the sea, but unfortunately after over an hour there was no sign if its mother.

The calf is now recovering and in care at ReefHQ.

The male calf weighed 35kg and was 1.35m long. It was in good condition and a strong swimmer.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome.

Great work to all involved, and to the member of the public who alerted the authorities earlier the morning in the first instance. ?

‼️‼️REMEMBER ‼️‼️
Report the following to the RSPCA Qld on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625):
Injured, sick or orphaned wildlife (other than crocodiles and cassowaries)
Injured, sick or dead turtle, dugong, dolphin or whale

I have been a keen SCUBA diver for over 15 years and had never seen a dugong in the wild so this is an experience I will never forget!