?Not your typical sexy beach photos

A short 20 minute walk along the beach the other morning resulted in a small beach clean-up.

This festive ? season, spare a thought for ?? & try to avoid single use plastic…some suggestions are:

❇️ Avoid plastic shopping bags by taking reusable bags
❇️ Carry a reusable water bottle & reusable coffee cup with you ☕️
❇️Swap disposable plates & cutlery ↔️ BYO plates & cutlery (metal or wood) ?
❇️ Say no to plastic straws (slurp don’t suck…paper, stainless steel, glass & bamboo options are available)?
❇️ Avoid buying water in plastic bottles ?
❇️ Dine in if you can ?
❇️ Buy unpackaged food where possible
❇️ Don’t be a tosser, bin your rubbish or take it home ?

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading ?


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