Yesterday while out walking the dogs with a friend up Kissing Point (beautiful spot that overlooks the ocean in the GBRWHA) we saw three ladies with two toddlers holding bunches of red balloons laden with plastic ties ?. To our horror ? as we approached they released them & watched them soar up into the sky. Dilemma ?: do you walk by, or have that awkward conversation? I chose the awkward conversation. I didn’t want to ruin a special family moment (likely a memorial) but balloon releases are just plain wrong & appreciate that not everyone realises what happens to balloons when you let them go & the resultant impacts. Needless to say my input went down as well as a fart in a spacesuit ?: these individuals were oblivious and even left a Castletown balloon on the ground when they left. But maybe, just maybe, one of them will think about it and google when they get home. Some info and alternatives to balloon releases below as an FYI.?

Whether you witness something, or would like to see change (e.g. less plastic single use packaging at your favourite cafe, plastic straws replaced with paper ones at your regular bar, etc.), please speak up, and have that awkward conversation. When more people, especially consumers, provide feedback & speak up it will help to drive change.

I am sick of seeing debris in the ocean and on our beaches. If you are too, do something about it. Be part of the marine pollution solution. ??